Sunday, May 29, 2011

yet another post explaining where i've been

... and the answer isn't 'To the left, to the left'. But thanks for playing, Beyoncé.

Firstly, no one probably noticed but I was supposed to have posted up a Daring Baker Challenge a few days ago. Basically I have opted out of this month due to an emotional snowball making time an issue. Having said that, I started experimenting with various aspects of the May challenge - Marquise on Meringue - and will, at some point, post up what those were (the whole completion thing was made harder because I was also trying to convert the frickin' delicious looking recipe into a vegan one - but not the vegan one provided. I have issues with using tofu in dessert-making. The very idea makes my stomach queasy).

garden-related claptrap
Recently I've also splashed out and bought a little cheap greenhouse because a lot of my potted plants aren't dealing too well with the sudden drops in temperature. At the very least this is my excuse and bloody well sticking to it! There is absolutely a slight probability no way that recent neglect has caused any harm to my little sprouties, whatsoever!

The really weird thing about this greenhouse is that even though it's been raining the past few days, I have to remember to go outside and water the plants in it. That's okay though, because our esky has been sitting outside and collecting water I can use.

I also bought three more bean plants (my other one has pretty much carked it) and should actually get around to planting a few new seeds, at some point.... and when I scrape together some cash, I will be buying some insect-warding flowers to put around the outside of the bottom. I won't 'huzzah' the end of pest problems just yet though - I can't imagine it's going to be that easy.

I am also wondering when on earth my broccolini (aka Chinese broccoli) is going to be ready to pick. I swear it's been longer than the two to three months promised, but it's only just got a few buds on top (like the head of broc) and then started flowering! Oh well, we'll see I suppose.

I am starting to get yummy ripe 'Tiny Tim' tomatoes though (let's pretend that tomato plants aren't supposedly the easiest, most viral thing to grow, and celebrate my small victory!).

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  1. Hey Now that I am also on blogspot I can follow you and keep up to date with things your doing, your blog is really interesting to read and you have some awsome ideas I might borrow and appropriate in the garden and kitchen :D


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