Thursday, April 10, 2014

travelling in style

For the last many lots years I have been whizzing around the city and country in my mother's little mazda. She took my station wagon so that she could easily transport her surf skis - fair enough, but I've definitely had the best end of the deal.

Now that we upgraded to _Garth the Golden Beeper Jeeper_ I am returning the little Tardis-Version-Two-Point-Oh. With some homespun upgrades, so that my mother can continue to enjoy adventuring in the little beast.

The TV2POh's first road trip and Naming Day. My beautiful girlfriend of a bazillion years and I got lost on Tambourine Mountain... for about three hours. We tried every road to get off that damn Mountain - and even resorted to buying a map - and managed to end up at Beaudesert and having to get back ON to the mountain to get back off it again. Good times.

Inelegant, but a solution.
Sean and I have taken multiple camping trips in the TV2POh, from overnighters all the way to a two week driving holiday that traversed Tasmania in winter. We did it all comfortably, and warmly and I like to think we've mastered the art of two people, one (small) car.

The realms of possibility, however, in regards to simplicity is magnified when you only have one traveller to set up for. There is no need to have to reshuffle everything continuously (mostly to fit two people to sleep) and there is so much more space.

Luckily, this project which I have been focused on the last two weeks has had a minimal budget thanks to the fact we are downsizing to move.

Room on the back seat for your luggage bag. Or a hitchiker.

Boot popped, remove the modesty panel to reveal...

....almost everything you need.
To the left in the image is a small table and the previously pictured canopied tent. I just have to pack in the tarp which can be placed over top of the whole car, attached to the wheel spokes, for night-time privacy.
Comfort plus. Goodbye little car. Look after my mother on her travels.

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